Design Futures Council: Leadership Summit on Design Innovation and Technology

La Jolla, California, January 13-14, 2016


I was invited to attend the Design Futures Council summit as a theme speaker and to assemble and moderate a panel discussion with four real estate developers from around the country on the subject of trends and the future of design for development.


Theme Presentation: Developers and Design Trends

Architects often think they know what “good design” is but the architect’s view is just one of many. Numerous other actors influence the design process, from community members and neighbors to planners, elected officials, investors, and lenders.  Real estate developers must satisfy all of these different interests but if they are to succeed they must create products that people want to use or buy. Architects can learn from developers by focusing on designing for their clients, and more important, their client’s end users and buyers. 


Panel Discussion:  Innovation, The Future And Design: The Developer And Owner’s Perspective

Peter Hendee Brown, Moderator, and author of How Real Estate Developers Think

David Crowell, Managing Director and CEO, rmc international

Herb Emmerman, Principal, EMS/GARRISON

Serge Nalbantian, Vice President of Development, Liberty Property Trust

Robert S. Wennett, Developer, 1111 Lincoln Road